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Wandering Destination : Bhatye Beach, Ratnagiri

Wandering Destination : Bhatye Beach, Ratnagiri (MH,IN)

Bhatye beach is one of the prime beach my home town Ratnagiri city has. It is wide enough and it is at least a kilometer long. Plantation of cypress tree runs along with the beach. As many people prefer the Mandavi beach, Bhatye beach has comparatively less crowded. Less crowd makes this place peaceful and un-disturbed experience of a breezy evening is possible. 

Personally, I like to take a long walk on this beach.The sound of splashing waves at sunset, watch lighthouse functioning, look at the sand patterns created by waves, get surprised with different colors and textures of the rocks near by and so many things can be experienced at the evening time. Every visit has something new for you. Definitely on the list of my favorite beaches !

View of the beach from Table top

The light house

Cllect some sea shells with beautiful colors, pattern and textures

Talk with the native fisherman !

Non-stop waves

Mesmerizing evening
and the reflections on the water

A rich experience every day !

Pleasure of driving.....

'Pleasure' of driving.....

For photography tours, I always preferred travelling on bike rather than car. Driving bike gives you pleasure being open to nature. Go slow, looking the beauty around, and stop when you like it to be captured. Two wheeler is fastest and easiest mode of conveyance. On one of my memorable weekend travel to Guhagar, I borrowed 'Hero Pleasure' from my sister. Evening golden light on the grass meadow on the way was a perfect surrounding for photographing this beauty. Here are some images for you....

The priests of Bubaneshwar !

The priests of Bubaneshwar !


The job hours are long. Lot of wait and patience is required to attract (!) the devotees .


One priest is devoted to every idol / worshiping place in the temple campus. He earns bread and butter from the it. More devotees he attracts, more he earns !

Apart from performing rituals, any other sacred job has to be performed by the priests of the temple. Cooking included.

There is leisure time too ! They are so many fr a small temple.

Some lucky ones get time to pose for the camera and they do it happily !