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Wednesday Post : En-route Konkan Railway (The Fog)

En-route Konkan Railway - The Fog

One can hardly see anything further than ten meters

Nothing to see under the bridge ! 

Another train waiting for the green signal

Power carrying towers working even on cold mornings

Sunrise over the farms and small mountains, a typical view on foggy mornings of Konkan

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DJ Night - Innovision'14, NIT Rourkela

View from a distance. Dust  appearance was welcome, at least by the photographers :-)

DJ Night - Innovision'14, NIT Rourkela

- DJ night for Enjoyment for students of NIT Rourkela on the last day of Innovision'14

- 7:30 PM, Dilip Tirkey Stadium, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

- For details about Innovision'14, visit

SET - 1
Huge crowd and great excitation among student was seen on the DJ night

However many of them were either mute spectators shaking legs with the beats or cameraman recording the event

Variety of lights throwing all combinations of colors made the stage dramatic

Photographers of Third eye photography club were right on the spot ! In frame: Ram Deshpande

Few excited students even tossed their friend. I am sure they caught him to !

Took lot of Silhouettes, backlit dancers made every photo melodramatic

Sculpture at Intersection - Aambagan Square

Sculpture at Intersection - Aambagan Square

Rourkela Still Plant (RSP) by SAIL is heart of Odisha. Not only it pumps money into city, but also is responsible for its social development. One key development among many is "The ring road", encircling the city. Four lane wider, 23 kilo-meters long road is laid to connect almost all 19 sectors of planned new Rourkela city and old Rourkela. It is maintained and decorated by RSP, as a social initiative. The divider gardens, lush green plantation on both sides of roads, broad side-walks of ring road keeps city traffic in order and makes commutation trouble free.

RSP architectures has creatively decorated the crossroads by raising aptly carved and suggestive sculptors made of steel. The new series "Sculpture at Intersection" is about such monuments that marks the city map of Rourkela.


It symbolises the success Indian steel industry has achieved after 50 years of independence. This growth is represented by a mature bird ready to fly in all four directions. "The bird"  is committed to touch the extreme limits of development and excellence in the field.

Sculpture was inaugurated by Mr. A K Singh (Then director Rourkela Steel plant, 2nd October 1997)


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