Virtuous Quatrains - चार ओळी तुझ्यासाठी !

Friday Freedom : 26th Sept 2014

Friday Freedom : 26th Sept 2014


Skywatch Friday

Colorful Clothes : Thursday Challenge

Colorful Clothes : Thursday Challenge

‘Kanchi Abhijana’ - Odissi dance by Manoranjan Pradhan and his Troupe

Thursday Challenge: Clothes

The 10 things I must do before I die ........

The 10 things 

I must do 

before I die ........

1. Visit London, to watch Wimbledon final and to watch cricket match on Lords (One team must be Australia) 

2. complete the 9000+ Km long journey by Trans-Siberian railway, from Moscow to Vladivostok.

3. Visit North Canada and Arctic to spend months in Photographing the beauty.

4.Rebuild my farmhouse with all the required amenities, Gadgets, Garden, and Library so as to spend the retired life in reading and writing !

5. Increase no. of titles in my library to 10000, currently it has 1000+

6. Own a Honda SUV

7. Start online photography business and exhibit my work in some the well known gallery

8. Photograph all the butterfly species recorded in Indian subcontinent.

9. Travel the different parts of India by road.

10. Buy all apple products !

11. Bonus: Study law and pass LL.B.

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